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Hi there! Here I am going to share some guide for shopping online - both to BUYERS and SELLERS!


  • Never reveal your bank details (password etc) online when doing online transaction
  • If there is a Paypal option for paying, choose Paypal for safer transaction - you will have more protection with Paypal!
  • When browsing items online, especially with private seller, ask as many questions as you like - it is your right as a customer!
  • If you change your mind after reserving an item, please have the courtesy to let the seller know that you are cancelling your order. You don't want to upset the seller and have your name blacklisted! *gasp*
  • If you are under 18, make sure you have your parents/guardians consent
  • If you opt for postage option, make sure you give the seller the right address. Include instruction if you need to.
  • Browse (a lot of blogshops) before you decide to buy something - you might (or might not) get better deal elsewhere.
  • Don't be greedy!! Although most of stuff are cheaper than retail, you still have to shop wisely. 


  • It is all about presentation. So, invest in a good camera, good-looking model and photograph your items as honest and as flattering as possible. Good lighting helps.
  • Entertain questions from buyers! After all, it is the only medium for you and your potential customer. Build rapport for returning customers.
  • Offer discounts for multiple buys and returning customers. You want to keep your customers loyal, yes?
  • Ensure your customers have the pleasant experience when browsing your blogshop. Avoid installing heavy background with music application and all - it will make your site too slow to load. Your site is already full of photos after all. Inpatient surfer will click the red X button quite fast if your site takes too long to load!
  • Be honest. Customers will appreciate your honesty when doing transaction.
  • Some blogshops disable right click function on their photos. Although it is good to protect your photos, we reviewers can't review your items because we can't copy your photos!