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Stylish and Covered (S&C) is a fashion review blog run by a girl who is passionate in fashion yet stand by the principle of dressing modestly.

First, why shop online? For me there are three factors that make online shopping works: time, money, and place. I am sure most of us are students or have a career we can't spend most of our time shopping. Then, there is the option of cheaper merchandise as you as a customer is not paying for the shop rent. And place, I can't really shop for shawls once or twice a year just because I am overseas, can I? Hehe so, god bless those blogshops who do international shipping :)

I am born in Malaysia and currently studying in Australia. My fashion sense is very much influenced by Malaysian and Australian latest trend at the moment. In terms of hijab, I still can't part with Malaysian style hijab. Although I am embracing middle eastern and western Muslimah style of wearing scarf (big, voluminous scarf here I come).

As for my personal style, I am more of a safe, soft colour, plain blouse, skirt-loving, and dress-maniac kind of girl. My friends would see what I grab in shop and say, "that is so you". Yep, my fashion sense is quite predictable :).

This blog is my precious gem, a place for me to escape from stress and problem. I feel like cloud nine up here so I want to share with all of you girls. Look and fantasize with me, and just when you are ready, turn it into reality with a click of a button. In case any of you don't get me, CLICK AND BOOK THEM NOW.

Lastly, my wise word for you: Nothing can stand in between you and THE dress (or top, or jeans, or scarf, or accessories..)