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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Its a jungle out there

Hello Stylista!

I have been absent from blogging world for AWHILE, I just realized that blogger layout has totally changed! Whaaaaat??!!

I am seasoned..

Anyways, here's latest styles that you have to check out!



Clockwise from top: RM28 | RM68 | RM68 | RM55

Its all about colours, this season. A little bit of mismatched contrast of block colours works like magic!


This gorgeous necklace will bright up any plain blouse, easy-peasy!


Do uo have a little crush on crustaceans? You'll love this one!

Quirkiness is a gift. Embrace it wit these characters, its a jungle out there people!
RM22.90 each


These Dahlia shawl caught my eyes almost instantly!
Made from cotton polyester material which is supposed to be light and airy, this plain hijab with pretty detailing at the end makes it perfect for a little bit of some'ing some'ing at the back
RM15 each


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