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Friday, November 12, 2010

Girl next door glamour

Clockwise from top left: RM25 | RM33 | RM37 | RM30

OMG this is soo prettyyy!!!!! Floral dresses and cardigan makes any girl sweeter.
It would be nicer if the cardigan comes in longer sleeves though.
And I LOVE how the seller dressed that white dress with a bold red belt.
Hope that one is for sale too!

RM15 each

Mermaid pashmina is the new thing on the block!
Comes in pretty block colours, can be worn over the shoulder or as hijab.
So flattering!

Clockwise from top left: (Headband) RM29 | (Bracelet) RM22 | (Bracelet) RM45 | (Necklace) RM35

Its glam up time!
The grey headband can go with just anything, and it is easy on the eyes too ;)
The bracelets are two extreme kinds each, with unique features for each!
And if you have a heavy bracelet on, why don't go for a simple statement necklace.


RM20 each

Now now, These kinda scarf, you don't see them everyday, do you?
The first one is called "Gypsy Scarf", kinda a new thing in town.
And the plain coloured scarf with subtle detailing is just gorgeous.

RM10 each

Someone with daring and vibrant personality can definitely pull these kind of hijab off, right?
It juts show how colourful your personality is.

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Ct SoLeHa said...

nape suma lawa2..nsb baik biasiswa xmasuk lagik..kalo x balun suma..hehe

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