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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Top Talks

Clockwise from top left: RM40 | RM49 | RM39 | RM49

A denim piece for every wardrobe.
Keep it simple though, don't overshoot your outfit with too many denim pieces at once

Clockwise from top left: RM43 | RM38 | RM38 | RM31

Have lots of fun with these comfy everyday tops and dresses!
Soft colours are great paired with blue denim jeans.

Clockwise from top left: RM30 | RM30 | RM30 | RM32 | RM30 | RM30

A round for vintage dresses, this time in picnic theme!
Notice that all these dresses has neutral background colours?
Play it down-to-earth yet noticeable, girl!

Clockwise from top left: RM40 | RM49 | RM40 | RM49

Bandage skirt is a must-have! More colours available, plus it is so cheap!
Spice up your day with variety of dresses including the oh-so-famous toga dress.

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