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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hello Sunday

Clockwise from top left: RM30 | RM33 | RM35 | RM30 | RM34

Hit into 60's mode with the sleeveless top and polkadot dress.
Or back to the future with these floral and embroidery tops.

Clockwise from top left: RM35 | RM40 RM30 | RM38

Any skimpy dress lovers? 
If you like to show some flesh, these dresses are flattering without giving the wrong signal!
Or you can opt to put more layer to it for a cute look.

Top to bottom: RM39 | RM39 | RM45 

A little floral-maniac? Worries not because so are we!
Comes in pretty lil cardigan and dresses, shower yourself with florals.

RM29 | RM33

Everyday pieces in gorgeous colour. Soft pink shirt keeps you looking feminine!

RM20 each set

If you are a simple kind-of-girl, you will like these brooches!
Basic colour match with almost everything.

Clockwise from top left: RM23 | RM19 | RM30 | RM15

Preloved, some never-been-worn dresses is up for grab!
With price below retail price tags, they are certainly worth the money.
Have I mention they are oh-so-pretty too?

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