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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Girls games

From left: RM55 | RM49 | RM29

Jumpsuit with mismatched top and bottom on the very left is alluuuring!
And just have fun with the dresses ya :)

user posted image
RM28 each

Hey flower girl, yeah you!
To work this dress, keep everything else simple and plain, with teeny tiny necklace maybe. 
You'll catch who-ever's attention you plan to catch!

user posted image
RM30 each

Tone the floral impact down with a plain top like these dresses. 
Throw in a big generous belt to this outfit to create a tiny waist look.

RM10 each

Been using a plain pin for your hijab?
Add a little dangles with these cute hijab pins, keeping your hijab in pace with a style!

RM39 | RM42

Jumpsuits all over again!
Both are very girlish with ruffles and polkadots. Not to mention the sweet colour.

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