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Monday, September 20, 2010

Have fun

Clockwise from top left: RM45 | RM72 | RM38 | RM49

Soft colour tops always look good under sunny weather.
Lots of little dresses in hues of blues here!


Clockwise from top left: RM52 | RM45 | RM39 | RM45

Are you a plain kind of gal, or are you denim type of gal?
Either way, you'll be flattered with these puffy-sleeved tops!
Or, have lots of fun with stripy dresses!

button me


A polka dot top, must-have!!
And look goooood in this high-waisted shorts. Gives you slimmer silhouette!



These dangling beauties will never go out of date.
Fresh from Crafted by Mei, is the double-chained bracelet
and a gorgeous long necklace

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Borderless shopping with vsHub!

**Sticky post! Scroll down for latest entry ya!

Woohhh look! The U.S. Online Shopping Site is having a MASSIVE sale!!

So we all do all sensible people on earth will do, right, browse browse browse, add thousands of items in your online cart, satisfied with your choices and off you go clicking the "Check out" button.

Scenario 1: Only to learn that the respective online site DOESN'T ship to you residential country. Bahh what a bummer. What a snob eh this site don't want to send to your country, right. Humph.

Ah-ha! Worry not, because vsHub - a Malaysian shipping company that ship items to Malaysia and Singapore will make life so much easier for you. First, register with vsHub and you will get your own shipping address in U.S.! Then you can happily click the "Check out" button, enter your credit card detail for payment and enter your own US shipping address!

Now when you register, remember to put Stylish and Covered as your reference by entering this number:  HM008229  

vsHub Share Program
You can click this image to register!

Now, the better news is, to be a member of vsHub, it cost you NOTHING! Yep, it is free, girls ;)

After you have made the payment, send the invoice to vsHub so they can track and wait by the front door for your item hehe. Okay you know I am exaggerating right. But if you ask them to, I am sure they'll do it! They are a bunch of friendly folks ho ho ho.

Your purchases will be sent to vsHub's US address, and they will pack your stuff and send it within 8 working days depends on what type of postage service you want to use. You can read the details of how it works on vsHub's site!

Scenario 2: You, being the "smart" one saw another massive sale at another online US shopping site and you want loads from them too!!! So you repeat the whole process and remember, now you already have a US shipping address right, so you send your purchase to vsHub US address, they'll receive your purchases with huge smile on their face pretending like it's theirs (ha ha) and bring your second purchase to meet their sister side by side. Upon your request, they can pack these two together or in other word, consolidate them and ship them home to you in Malaysia in one packaging. That means you pay the amount of kg of these two together hence you save loads for your shipping costs.

Oh, and did I mention their rate is reasonably cheaper compared to the rate of US online shopping sites?

See, lucrative rates:

More info on rates, including rates to Singapore can be found on the site.

With all these benefit for you and free registration, not joining the site is somehow ridiculous, right.
You can buy just about anything  from anywhere in the US with a convenience of sitting on the sofa at
home, and a credit card of course.

Even if you don't have a credit card, vsHub offers Concierge Service where they will buy it for you and
accept bank transfer from you for a teeny tiny fee :)

And it doesn't stop there. vsHub being such a friendly company, they also have their own e-store and
contests! Meaning you as a customer get to WIN things when you are not buying as well!! How cool is that!

Register now and remember to put Stylish and Covered as your reference by entering this number:

vsHub Share Program
You can click this image to register

In fact they are having a yummy contest at the moment : Handbag Lover Girl with a COACH Butterfly
Canvas Tote to be won as first prize!

All you have to do is, first, sign up as a vsHub member (otherwise you won't qualify!) and add vsHub on
Facebook via this link :: ::

Now, the fun part: dress up in an outfit matching your favourite handbag, take a picture of you in your
marvelous outfit and send it to the Facebook Profile Page with your name, email and complete this slogan:

"I love vsHub because..." (not more than 30 words) 

and GET AS MANY PEOPLE TO "LIKE" YOUR PHOTO! Yes, an excuse for camwhoring and
showing it off hehe, why not!

And you don't even have to buy anything!!

And any readers who already join the contest, share it here by leaving your link on the comment
box and we will together "like" the photos! Yeayyyy girl power!

So join now, it's free, it's secure, it's easy! Even just to join the contest.

And I know some of you might even think you have nothing in mind to buy now, right. Now here's what
Stylish and Covered will do for you. We will throw in some review from SALE sites of various things:
from clothes, designer items, baby clothes, anything! And then you can just click on the link provided
by us and later decide if you like it or not :)

Register now and remember to put Stylish and Covered as your reference by entering this number:  

vsHub Share Program
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The sun is out!

RM49 | RM45

Here's a different kind of maxi dress, with one of a kind pattern!
I love the richness of colour on this dress, so bubbly!
And the famous puffy sleeved floral top is a must have!

Bolero cardi RM38 | White top with ruffles RM35

Bolero cardigan always infuse a little bit of sophisticated lady in you.
And the white top with rich black ruffles is just to-die-for! 
Wear it casually or tuck it in a skirt or pants for a formal look.

RM65 | RM65 | RM45

Very easy to the eyes, these white dresses :).
These dresses are great for the hot preggie moms too!


Layer the dresses with this gorgeous cropped cardigan with beautiful embroidery!

Clockwise from top left: RM35 | RM50 | RM35 | RM45

All reduced for RAYA SALE!
Plain colour can rock any day with daring accessories :)

One Eighty!

RM1.80 EACH!!

Don't miss out girls, these fabulous dresses are on super duper reduction
at RM1.80 each. YESS!!!
And don't forget to catch Whitesoot tomorrow on ntv7 8.30pm
on the Digi The Next Level reality TV show!!



WOW! Any vintage sunnies collector here?
Be the talk of town with your brand new sunnies!
This new blogshop sells delicious sunnies I tell ya!

Monday, September 6, 2010


RM25 | RM29

How about some addition to your bling closet?
These long necklaces will definitely flatter your baju kurung!


Very unique pieces of necklaces, for those who are in luuurve with heart shape!
Anyone doing red theme this Raya? The garnet bracelet will complete your outfit!

RM25 each

This bookmark is the perfect gift for someone special, who's interested in books of course ;)
Leopard Preens


Hello hello look at this circus-theme printed quilted bag!


This shocking pink frills bag screams: CELEBRATION!

Relove Me (preloved)


How cool is this top? Loving the bright colour!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mix and match II

RM40 with free postage

Rock this Raya with this vintage brown bag! 
Spacious enough to hide your angpau there heee :)

RM20 each with free pos express

Be different this time around with these unique pendants.

RM38 | RM35

Plain maxi dress can last a centuries with the right accessories!
And look at that innocent white and floral dresses,
do it girl-next-door way!


What a luxurious neck line there. Work it girl!


A great work attire with a hint of style with the side button detail