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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cover necks




This time I am doing a special request by a reader for cover neck inner!
So, blogshop owner, ears up!!
Cover neck inner is in high demand now, with awning or without awning 
by hijabis nowadays because most shawls are quite see-through, yes?
So, yeah, we want to cover our hair and neck, thus the cover neck inner.
The perfect inner would be covering the neck, thus about shoulder length,
giving room for hijab styling.
Although most blogshops sell these babies at quite high price 
(I mean, ARZU boutique at KLCC sells them 3 for RM49),
so, dear blogshop owners, sell them at more competitive price! :)

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SchweetSchawl said...

FYI, I also did a similar version of it. Made by order. Do visit my blog, k? ^_^

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