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Monday, August 30, 2010

Spring is here!

Jacket RM52 | Floral skort RM29 | Military short RM27

One can never get enough of these combination!
Skirts and shorts are wearable even for the covered, you know :)



Floral toga dress and floral structured dress.
More for the floral maniacs!
Perfect for the first-timer floralista too :)


Shop The Looks (preloved)

RM28 | RM22

Preloved pieces at super low prices!

hanipuri-puri (preloved)

RM10 | RM5

Feeling red? These pre-loved tops's prices are going down down down!
Hurry up while they are having their 10% further cut-off!

Shop In One (preloved)

RM30 | RM15

Play it simple with these beige dress and stripy top.
Wardrobe for any day!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

All day long

You will last all day durinf Raya time with these lycra shawls!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cover necks




This time I am doing a special request by a reader for cover neck inner!
So, blogshop owner, ears up!!
Cover neck inner is in high demand now, with awning or without awning 
by hijabis nowadays because most shawls are quite see-through, yes?
So, yeah, we want to cover our hair and neck, thus the cover neck inner.
The perfect inner would be covering the neck, thus about shoulder length,
giving room for hijab styling.
Although most blogshops sell these babies at quite high price 
(I mean, ARZU boutique at KLCC sells them 3 for RM49),
so, dear blogshop owners, sell them at more competitive price! :)

Rock it!

From left: RM25 | RM25

On the left is I presumed a pre-loved MNG dress, let go at very reduced price!
I love the rich colour in this dress.
On the right is a brand new short-sleeved denim shirt with flirty lace details on the shoulder.
Rock it!

Deep breath in

RM69.90 each

Ever wonder how the other girls rocking that baju kebaya?
Psst here's the secret: CORSETS!
This blogshop sells corsets at much cheaper price than the usual department store ones,
and their's are so much more gorgeous!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Talk to the shoulder

Clockwise from top left: RM29 | RM42 | RM37 | RM32

Now it is all about the shoulders.
Frills, butterfly, studds, 
and not to forget, the wardrobe staples: floral oversized shirt!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Puff it

Clockwise from top left: RM42 | RM35 | RM42

Puffy sleeves jacket is quite in right now,
check out these denim and floral pattern ones!
Not to forget, feeling like skirt it? 
Layer this with a pants or leggings and wear it high-waisted! 

Hello girlfriend

Clockwise from top left: RM45 | RM60 | RM59 | RM44

Come peek at these pweety skimpy dresses and tops!
Uu check out the hot hot hot cardigan!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010



Looking for a fancy coin purse for your ang pau soon?
Look at these delicious colour!


Clockwise from top left: RM25 | RM30 | RM30 | RM35

Make your day more colouful with these shawls!
Very unique designs indeed.


RM7 each

Awww look how cute and yummy these charms are!!
Pre-released collection, the chain will be coming sooooon.

Monday, August 16, 2010



A generously beaded shawl, great for festivals! Read: (RAYA!!)

Both ends

VOCK Fashion

RM35 | RM40

Pre-order beauties is up for grab.
Feeling like rawrr-ing much?
Or sweetie-pie can also do ;)

Sunday, August 15, 2010


RM29 | RM34

Bring more colours into your day with these flowy top and dress.
The top is available in more colours!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


RM34 | RM32

Another new blogshop in town!!
Lots of colourful pieces, like these oh so sweet tops/mini dresses.


And, oh my what have we got here.
A flap bag with ribbons! SO CUTE!!
More ribbon variation available on the site.



Do you have a certain obsession with florals?
Here, go gaga with these floral flap handbags!


RM62 | RM59

These bags screams,"LOOK AT ME!!"
Spacious, practical and not to forget, stylish ;)