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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's dress day!

USD135.15 from

Okay I just fainted, went to heaven, saw this dress and came back to life.
This dress screams "I am sweet and flirty!"
THIS is the dress to wear on your second date. 
Show him a sneak preview of your colourful personality :)

Pair it with a cropped jacket, a belt and a skinny jeans or tights.
Even wear it with high waisted long skirt 


Ernie Bahari said...

canteks!!!!! rusy blanje please! then kiter maen spring cup pakai ni nak?? :P

Miss Rouge said...

cantek kan!!! belanja? boleh2 hahahaha bila dah jadik biliionnaire nnti. pastu wat team futsal dress bunga-bunga. mantap! :P

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